Elrond Burrell on Passive House

Climate change – what can we do NOW as architects and designers

Elrond Burrell is a UK-registered Architect, Certified Passive House Designer and the Director of VIA Architecture on the Kapiti Coast.

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There is misconception around Passive House being expensive to achieve and Elrond dispels this myth and talks about some common quality-of-life benefits for residents who live in a Passive House. 

He explains the the most important design considerations for architects to bear in mind with regard to the importance of indoor air quality and weathertightness. 

In addition to designing high-performance homes, VIA Architecture also consults with other architects designing in the space.  Elrond explains how they are you supporting sustainable and high-performance architecture in New Zealand and globally. Elrond discusses different materials with specific detail around low carbon architecture and the use of environmentally sustainable materials. 

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