Collaborative Architecture

Part Two: 14 May 2021

The movers and shakers of the architectural industry are joining us on May 14th! Architecture is a collaboration; an alignment of architects, designers, engineers, planners, builders and, above all, clients and end users coming together to achieve places that matter.

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Event Description

But questioning the world around us while still achieving an incredible standard of excellence - well, that takes some serious skill!

11.30am  > Christian Lahoude: Christian Lahoude Studio:

Translating a Creative Directors Vision into Architecture

Christians relationship with Lebanon and his start in architecture. 

He will also discuss the studio’s Sulwhasoo store that was done in Guangzhou but more in a philosophical way as it was heavily inspired by the brands “Legendary Ingredients” and the ginseng root. Christian will also talk about collaborations and working with fellow architects to create beautiful work.

Localization of a brand’s retail rollout. Christian has much experience opening stores world wide which is highlighted by all the work the studio has done with Jimmy Choo. He has opened stores in cities like but not limited to NY, Tokyo, Beirut, Paris/Rome, Guangzhou) and will talk about his travels and how his perception and design sensibilities evolved with every trip. 

12.30pm: Enrique Norten > Ten Arquitectos > Podcast 


Enrique Norton 

Enrique Norton was born on February 27th, 1954 in Mexico City, Mexico. His father came to Mexico as part of the German Jewish diaspora of the 1940s. As a young child, Enrique enjoyed taking apart toys and putting them back together, only to figure out the intricacies of how they worked. This was the making of ingenious child. As a young youth, Enrique’s parents aspired for him to become a doctor or lawyer, but his passion was elsewhere. In 1978 Enrique Norton graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, Mexico with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. He continued to pursue his education further. Two years later, in 1980 Enrique graduated from the widely acclaimed American architectural college, Cornell University in Ithaco, New York with his Master’s degree of Architecture. Enrique Norton began his professional career as an architect with his first practice in Mexico City, Mexico. It was one year later in 1981, after he obtained his master’s in architecture, that Enrique had become a partner in an architectural firm called Albin y Norton Arquitectos.

Talk Topic: 

Enrique will be interviewed by DK our Teulo Talks MC about his journey throughout the years in architecture. Enrique will discuss the projects his firm has worked on and delve deep into the journey and process. 

In the past three decades, the firm's projects have been recognized with numerous awards, such as the 2009 Institute Merit Design Award from the American Institute of Architects New York Chapter for the Xochimilco Master Plan and Aquarium and a National 2009 Institute Honor Award For Regional And Urban Design from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for the Orange County Great Park. In 2005, he was presented with the Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts for his valuable contributions in promoting the contemporary Mexican architecture.

The work of Enrique Norten/TEN Arquitectos has been presented on several international exhibitions such as inTENtions: Process and Variations at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterrey, Mexico; Old City - New Architecture at the XI St. Petersburg World Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, Russia; “La Rue Est A Nous Tous” at the Val de Seine National School of Architecture in Paris, France; “The Guggenheim Architecture” in Bonn, Germany, 2006; and the Venice Biennale in 1996, 2002, 2004 and 2006.

AACA Learning outcomes and objectives:

Design: Conceptual Design 

3.2 Application of creative imagination, aesthetic judgement ans critical evaluation in formulating design options. 

Design: Schematic Design 

Evaluation of design options in relation to project requirement

Documentation: Detailed Design 

5.1 Application of creative imagination and aesthetic judgement in producing a resolved project design 

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