Catie Newell Expert Series - Module 2

The Why and How

The client brief, the why? Why Secret Sky? How did this project come about. In this module we discover the background to how Catie Newells project Secret Sky came to be and how the site was gifted.

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CPD Points

10.00 NZRAB Points

Presented By

Teulo and Catie Newell

Event Description

In this module we ask Catie these questions about her work, the why and how!

Why do you employ site-specific installations and existing structures as a base for a lot of your work?

What ideas and processes can you explore through an artistic lens that might be restricted by the limits of architectural practice alone?  

Conversely, what clarity and frameworks can an architectural lens provide to enhance your artistic work?

Abstraction and intangibles play a huge part in your work.  What is it that draws you to the exploration of time and space, light and dark?

What lessons could one take away from the ephemeral nature of your work?

Watch all five modules of the Catie Newell Expert Series and gain the following CPD points:

ADNZ: Design - 0.75 Practice management - 0.5

NZRAB: 10 Design

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