Balustrades and Balconies

By Belcanto

Patrick Kendrick is the Business Development Manager for Auckland-based construction company, Belcanto. Belcanto is a spin-off from sister company, Urban Group, which has been operating for 20 years in fencing, balustrades and automatic gates.

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Event Description

  • Belcanto was launched in 2019 to deliver some new tech they developed around modular balconies. The Belcanto arm now looks after building exteriors and façades, while Urban Group continues to work with any elements beyond the primary structure including gates and fencing.
  • In this podcast, we are speaking with Patrick Kendrick, Business Development Manager at Auckland-based exterior and façade company, Belcanto.

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • Through your sister company, Urban Group, Belcanto has been in the aluminium works side of the construction industry for 20 years. How are the two companies working in tandem to deliver complete exterior solutions for New Zealand?
  • It was your modular Grappler balconies that inspired Belcanto’s launch as a standalone company back in 2019. What makes these so special and how have you adapted them for New Zealand?
  • How have you navigated the compliance aspects of bringing new and innovative products into the New Zealand market?
  • What are some of the key benefits of lightweight, modular balconies versus traditional concrete?
  • Balustrades also remain a key part of the Belcanto product offering. Can you share some projects which feature Belcanto balustrades and how they’ve added to the aesthetics or functionality of the builds?
  • What kind of background support and tools does Belcanto provide for its clients?
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