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In this episode of Teulo Pods, we are speaking with Greg Phillips, Roofing Category Manager for specialist waterproof membrane supplier, Allco.

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Allco Waterproofing Solutions specialises in waterproofing membranes for below and above ground.

Questions we cover in this podcast with Greg Phillips:

  • Today we’ll be focusing on Allco’s Warmroof systems. Can you start by telling us exactly what a Warmroof is?
  • Why should industry professionals consider one for their next low-slope roof project?
  • What are the design and structural advantages of a Warmroof, and what are some of the design considerations that industry professionals should take into account when working with one?
  • How can a Warmroof benefit both the occupants and the environment?
  • How does your Alltherm system meet the H1 requirements?
  • Why have you included a cover board in the Alltherm system?
  • Why did you develop a fully adhered system instead of one that is mechanically fixed?
  • What can you share about the Altherm Warmroof on metal tray substrate?
  • Can you tell us a bit about your recent work with UoA Health and the wellness roof?
  • How is Allco working with hybrid roofing systems that combine a ‘green roof’ and a ‘blue roof’?
  • Can you share a bit about your work on the Mairangi Bay Apartments?
  • What’s next for Allco?
  • Any calls to action? How can people learn more and connect with your work?
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