Airtightness and healthier homes

We talk to Mark Laliberte, President of Construction Instruction Inc in the US state of Arizona.

Mark lives in the US state of Arizona. With Construction Instruction Inc, Mark works as an educator for thousands of builders and Architects each year.

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Mark LaLiberte is the President of Arizona-based Construction Instruction Inc where he also acts as Director of Sales Instruction Inc. He is a building-industry educator who works with 5,000 industry professionals each year to promote cost-effective solutions to lower energy use and improve indoor air quality.

Mark works with building professionals to apply building science principles while integrating cost-effective and practical solutions for better, longer-lasting, healthier homes. Mark discusses what kinds of tools and strategies he teaches.

He delves into how he works with a “house as a system” approach to building and tells us a bit more about what that looks like in practice. The key aspect of this podcast is centred around airtightness and why this is so important for modern homes.

As part of Mark’s educational approach he focuses on building a community around building better homes. Mark explains why he thinks it is so important for the industry to share ideas and lessons in building science. He also talks about the work he does with manufacturers to help share these lessons and ideas.

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