3D Memory Makers

Meet Darren Crockett from DoDa

Darren is the Managing Director of Do Digital Agency. Darren has a love for all things 3D. Find out more.

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Darren has a love for all things 3D and is passionate about developing talent. The founder of DoDA, Darren has built an award winning digital agency that works closely with its customers to create innovative and sophisticated 3D based solutions.

Darren is a graduate in furniture and product design from Nottingham Trent university. An experienced interior designer and entrepreneur. Since its inception in 2007 DoDa has become one of the largest 3D studios in the UK. DoDA continues to grow and Darren works tirelessly to make DoDA’s services cutting edge and relevant.

Darren has created his own award winning 3D Academy and helped kick start many post graduates careers. Best of all, it's free to anyone.

Darren believes his team of 3D artists, modellers and developers are more than image creators, they are 3D memory makers.

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