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We’re bridging the gap between architects and suppliers in the name of evolution..

There is nothing better than learning from someone who lives and breathes for their zone of genius; their energy and passion is palpable, their knowledge is undeniable. It's an experience that leaves you re-energized and inspired.

So this begs the question: how can a manufacturer take that energy and knowledge, the resources they utilise to train their own staff members and sales team, and share it with the people who utilise their products daily: Architects, Designers and Construction professionals? 

Well, that’s where we come in.

At Teulo, we pride ourselves on bringing your product knowledge and industry expertise to the forefront of the conversation through our cutting edge CPD platform. We’re bridging the gap between architects and suppliers in the name of evolution - we live in a fast-paced, time-poor world and it’s time we revolutionise the way our professionals are learning and engaging with the materials, resources and products you poured time, money and energy into crafting.  

There are a few things Registered Architects, Architectural Designers and Licensed Building professionals have in common. Namely, they like designing buildings and transforming spaces. But they’re also required to meet strict CPD specifications in order to practise their chosen trade, which presents a unique opportunity to put your products and industry expertise in the spotlight. 

The delivery of online learning is a universal challenge. Teulo serves the architectural industry by way of providing CPD education online.

  • Antoni Rajwer, Technical, Pro Clima NZ Ltd

As a CPD platform, we have served up more than 500 hours of online learning materials, and in doing so, we have guided more than 150 thought-leaders, experts and suppliers from around the world in creating CPD accredited resources that boost their credibility, build stronger relationships with architects and designers, and expand their networks and customer bases. 

We’ve formed partnerships with ADNZ - Architectural Designers New Zealand, NZIA - New Zealand Institute of Architects, AIA - Australia Institute of Architects, AIA - American Institute of Architects and CPD Standards - UK and Europe as well as created unique learning opportunities in partnership with both Auckland University of Technology and Victoria University for Architecture and Design Graduates to ensure that our community have access to the tools they need to thrive, and our suppliers are no exception - in fact you’re the reason we exist! 

We’re a CPD learning platform, content production service and ready-made community all in one, and we think it’s about time your name was added to our list. 

Teulo is overspilling with the energy and vision needed to lead the discipline of architecture to new heights of innovation and responsibility. I have been blown away by their commitment to excellence, and remarkably they seem to pull off such professional and crisp productions while making it all look so easy.

  • Catie Newell - Alibi Studio Teulo Talks Speaker

Skip the salesy presentations and the thousands of dollars in ad-spend trying to get industry professionals to notice you and instead, meet them on the ground floor with high-impact content that’s fun, engaging and sure to win over some high-calibre supporters. 

Janelle Fenwick
Janelle Fenwick