“We defy gravity.”

Cost effective plumbing solutions

“We provide a range of domestic and commercial pumps that can be used as an efficient, and cost-effective alternative plumbing solution for projects that can’t access traditional drainage systems,” says Graham Denysschen, National Business Development Manager for Saniflo SFA New Zealand.

Saniflo pumps move wastewater and greywater vertically and horizontally to the nearest drain connection, Graham says. “We enable industry professionals to install sanitary fixtures that are either below or too far from a sewer connection. This is a cost-effective solution, particularly when renovating, as there is no need to core drill, remove wall linings, or dig up concrete slabs or expensive flooring.”

The Saniflo range includes four core product categories: macerators, greywater pumps, lifting stations and in-ground pump chambers. “Macerators are small wastewater pumps that can take wastewater from toilets, vanity basins, showers and baths, and then discharge it through a small-diameter pipe. When I first started with Saniflo, we had a very strong domestic presence underpinned by this macerator category. This was not replicated elsewhere in the world, where greywater pumps – which take wastewater from sinks, dishwashers, showers and washing machines – were the more popular option. My focus has been to grow our greywater and lifting station categories, with lifting stations being larger greywater or combined greywater and blackwater pumps designed to take multiple fixtures in demanding applications. The lifting stations and our in-ground pump chambers – which take wastewater from multiple fixtures and provide storage capacity, if required – have enabled us to grow further into the commercial market.”

In his 5 years in the role, Graham has invested most of his time meeting and sharing knowledge with industry professionals. “I work closely with architects, designers, hydraulic engineers, plumbing merchants and plumbers, all of whom we refer to as design influencers as they have the capacity to effect change in the way that draining solutions are imagined and implemented. I work alongside these influencers to provide the understanding that our products offer more design flexibility, as they can be installed anywhere in a room or area without relying on plumbing ports. From a design perspective, it’s almost like starting with a blank canvas.”

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Michele Saee Teulo

As part of the established, global SFA Group, Saniflo has the benefits of a wide knowledge base and the support of an international team. “We have access to high-quality products with proven performance track records. We’re also exposed to global market trends, challenges and adopted solutions outside of New Zealand which help to shape our vision and enable us to provide best-in-class technical and after-sales support.”

A big part of the support Saniflo is offering industry professionals is through their dedicated Designer Hub which, Graham says, gives architects, designers and hydraulic engineers easy access to product information, product sheets and technical files. “We have included an electronic version of our product catalogue here as well; we use this hub as a space to introduce new products into our range. We have also developed a Resource Centre Hub targeted specifically toward plumbing suppliers and a Plumber Portal for plumbers, which gives them mobile access to the info they need most while working on site.”

Saniflo’s products are being put to use in a range of spaces and applications, Graham says. “We recently completed a project at the Anglesea Clinic in Hamilton. After outgrowing a previous space, the practice decided to move into a large medical complex nearby. This required a redesign of the floorplan and provision for a number of hand basins, toilets and a tailored plumbing solution that could pump the wastewater up to the ceiling where the current sewer line exists. Saniflo was able to make this possible, preventing a costly closure which would have been required to implement a traditional plumbing solution.

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“We have also branched out into the civil project space with a waterway preservation project in Lake Rotoiti. Dwellings in the surrounding area were encountering issues with ageing septic systems that required replacement to ensure that wastewater didn’t discharge into the lake. We worked with Fulton Hogan to install Sanifos 280-litre in-ground pump stations to transfer the waste up to a biotreatment system where it would be discharged into newly laid sewer mains.”

The Sanifos in-ground pump stations are a big focus as the business looks ahead, Graham says. “These pump chambers provide an efficient solution where gravity-reliant sewerage systems are not possible due to limited site access or sloping properties. We currently have 3 sizes for the NZ market: 280l for single-occupant, granny flat-style spaces; 610l for medium-sized, 3-person dwellings; and 1300l for larger, 4-person plus dwellings. These are fully packaged chambers that come complete with a high-level alarm and provide storage capability in the event of a power outage. This is a new category for us which we are working hard to fully develop. We’ve had great initial success with the 280l, which we’re now working to replicate with the 610l and 1300l range.”

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To do this, Graham is working hard to connect with industry professionals who want to learn more about alternative plumbing solutions. “I really enjoy meeting with architects, hydraulic engineers, merchants and plumbers. I spend a lot of time at industry shows where I’ll often get approached by architects who still don’t know about our products. Having those kinds of solutions-focused conversations with industry is the part of the work I most enjoy, and the way that we’ll continue to grow our share of the NZ market.”

To learn more, call Saniflo on 0800 107 264, email Graham on gdn@saniflo.co.nz, or visit the Saniflo Designer Hub.

Michele Saee Teulo

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Bex De Prospo