Meet Gregory Watts

“Dream Collaboration”

“Janelle and I met back in February 2020 when I was the CEO of ADNZ and she told me about this incredible vision she had for Teulo. I’ve been following her journey ever since and recently stepped down from ADNZ to officially join the Teulo team,” says Teulo’s new Executive, Gregory Watts.

“With Janelle’s vision for Teulo going truly global, it’s the perfect time for this dream collaboration”, Gregory says.  He brings an extensive business background, particularly with start-ups, to balance Jay’s strategic direction and deep industry expertise. “It’s a really complimentary relationship for us, with Janelle’s fantastic creative ability and my business mind.  You can’t have one without the other.  Janelle is that perfect storm; she’s got the vision and industry experience to create and execute something really awesome while still maintaining all the youthful energy and passion to do so.  I am privileged to now be working with Janelle and be part of that vision.”

Prior to his three years at the helm of ADNZ, Gregory’s previous roles have included work as the Executive Director of New Zealand Security, where he spent 5 years working with the Government to better legislate and professionalise the commercial security services industry. He also highlights a personal passion for nutrition and wellbeing, including his experience in taking a number of companies from UK-based manufacturers to globally recognised brands, selling products into more than two dozen countries. “I’ve been involved in 7 industries including engineering, IT, health and wellbeing, and construction. I’ve also worked with maybe 12 start-ups and gained enough experience to spot successful ventures. Teulo is firmly in that camp, so I knew I definitely wanted to be involved. The concept and the person are both right, and the timing for a big future for international online learning in the architecture space is perfect.”

“No longer the best-kept secret.”

“When you work with start-ups and early-stage businesses, it’s a bit like the world is your oyster. You’re not inheriting a bunch of historical challenges or out-dated systems that don’t make sense. I’ve been involved with many start-ups – most of them companies that are looking for global expansion – and I really enjoy that. The thing that brought me here is the opportunity to see this unique global concept that Janelle has created mature over the next few years into a global powerhouse that’s servicing the needs of architects and designers all around the world. With over 4,100 architects and designers regularly attending Teulo events since it launched in April 2020, Teulo is no longer the best kept secret, it’s poised ready for global domination” Gregory added.

Though his professional background spans continents and industries, Gregory suggests that the architecture and design world is home for him now. “I’ve been lucky that I have been able to pick and choose my professional opportunities. When the ADNZ opportunity came around, I had no experience in architecture other than designing the plans for my own home, which I promptly handed over to an actual architect to draw properly. After 3 years with ADNZ in a role that I enjoyed immensely, especially the people, I found I wasn’t tired yet. I guess you could say that the industry chose me, in a way. I watch my daughter studying architecture now at Victoria University and I wonder if I missed my calling,” he laughs.

Looking ahead, Gregory’s immediate priority is in creating mutual benefit for Teulo suppliers and championing products and services that align well with Teulo’s vision. “My focus is on how exceptional suppliers fit in with Teulo; how we can support them in creating quality content that is both professional and polished and then promote them to a global audience.”

“Janelle is on a path to global success, and I’m happy to bring the benefit of my knowledge and experience to support her and help weather any obstacles that may come along. The team is solid; we’ve got a great, focused, energised and passionate base and a wonderful culture that she’s built over the last two years. When new users discover Teulo, they absolutely love it. I think that’s a recipe for success.”

To learn more about Gregory or book a meeting with him to discuss supplier collaborations and partnership opportunities, email: or phone: 027 370 7581

Bex De Prospo
Bex De Prospo