Introducing our new Teulo Talks MC

“I’m looking forward to falling in love with architecture in a way I haven’t experienced before.”

“Coming from the supplier side of the building industry, my perspective has always been very practical,” says window and door specialist, owner of DPS Consulting and new Teulo Talks MC, Dyann Stewart.

“I haven’t always had the time to appreciate architecture as an art form. With Teulo, now I have the opportunity to work in a creative environment with people who are doing really interesting stuff on the global stage.”

At the helm of DPS Consulting, Dyann is bringing her deep industry expertise to a range of projects across New Zealand. “I work primarily with site reports, technical writing and identification-of-failure reviews. My portfolio includes some great clients such as Rommel Ltd and ENH Windows, and I recently completed a massive report for Technoform NZ on up-front carbon accounting. That report aligns well with my commitment to supporting New Zealand manufacturers and encouraging the industry to buy local by highlighting the actual upfront carbon cost of bringing materials in from other markets such as China and Germany. It’s a piece of work that I’m really proud of.”

Lifelong windows and doors specialist Dyann has been working in the building industry for nearly three decades, notably as Business Development Manager for OMEGA®. “I really enjoyed my time with OMEGA® and the opportunities that my role there provided me, but things got tricky around the COVID period when I got locked down away from home a few times because of my work. In 2021, I decided it was time for a change and transitioned out of the windows and doors space for the first time since 1996.”

Dyann began a technical sales specialist role with 3M in October of 2021; less than a month later, she experienced a catastrophic e-bike accident that significantly changed her trajectory. “I broke 30 bones and tore every ligament in my left knee, as well as suffering from ongoing concussion effects that persist even now, two and a half years later. I’ve had to recalibrate my own capability and how I manage my time. That necessity is what spurred the creation of DPS Consulting.”

“I haven’t always had the time to appreciate architecture as an art form"

Starting again from scratch mid-career hasn’t been easy, Dyann says, but she has embraced the challenge. “One of my friends joked recently that I am project managing my own recovery. When you’re so used to striving, achieving, performing and doing, and then you’re suddenly not able to do anything, it’s really hard. I still get frustrated with the limitations of my capability, but I have met some amazing people and I’ve been lucky to have some great support in building my new business, even during a period when I haven’t been as visible in the industry.”

Janelle (Jay) Fenwick from Teulo is one of those supporters, Dyann says, and someone she’s excited to work with. “I first got to know Jay through presenting Teulo Ed sessions on behalf of OMEGA® and it was so much fun. When she approached me to join the team as MC for Teulo Talks, I was excited to be involved with what she’s built and the team she’s created. The Teulo platform is at the forefront of improving things in the industry.”

Part of this improvement, Dyann reflects, has been a result of the shift towards more women-owned businesses in the building industry. “There are a lot more women in the industry than there were when I started. We tend to operate in a more people-centric rather than product-centric way. It’s especially important post-COVID for leaders to be prioritising health and wellbeing for their teams. That’s an area where women thrive, and it should be the norm.

“In the last few decades, I’ve also seen a big increase in the focus on sustainability and operational carbon. When I got into the industry, none of these issues were design factors, nor was the idea of healthy homes. Particularly over the last five years, New Zealand window and door technology has seen a rapid acceleration to bring our systems more in line with what has been in use in Europe for 40 years already.”

Dyann is looking forward to further exploring sustainability principles in her upcoming Teulo Talks sessions, the first of which is scheduled for early March. “I’m most excited about the events that will explore different aspects of building sustainability such as green roofs, walking cities and Passive House. I’m also interested in how we can transition cities towards encouraging more wildlife. There is a lot that we can do to improve how we engage with the planet and architects play a big role in that.

“My bike accident forced me to rethink everything about how I operate. I’ve learned a lot about what’s actually important and what’s not. I can’t multitask anymore and I don’t want to. I’m learning to say no when I need to, and I’m committed to building DPS Consulting into a sustainable business, not just with projects that pay the bills, but with relationships that align with my values. Teulo is a great, natural fit for me at this stage in my life and career. With my technical and practical background, I haven’t always had the opportunity to work alongside the architects who are the visionaries. With Teulo, I have already learned so much about that side of the industry. Jay is challenging the status quo with a love of architecture in a way that I haven’t really experienced before.”

Dyann would love to connect with any industry professionals who require independent, specialised expertise around windows and doors - whether at the specifying stage or the problem-solving stage. To learn more and connect with Dyann, visit, follow her on LinkedIn and keep an eye out for her upcoming Teulo Talks events.

Bex De Prospo
Bex De Prospo