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Nearly every moment of every day is influenced by the architecture we are surrounded by and interact with, whether manmade or otherwise, and it is our responsibility to understand the social dimension that comes on the other side of the design and construction phase. 

Winston Churchill once said: “We shape our buildings, and afterwards, our buildings shape us.” And he was right! From making us healthier and less likely to drop litter to decreasing our perception of pain and enabling us to solve puzzles more quickly, our surroundings are more than just buildings. But in the fast pace of 21st-century hustle, many of our everyday spaces fail to support wellbeing, community and creativity simply due to colossal scale. We could consider that what some may deem to be bad design isn’t actually bad design, it is just excellent design for a completely different set of economic outcomes - often ones that do not directly support the inhabitants. 

Modern architecture is changing the way we work and how we spend our leisure time, and interest in how architecture affects us is surging, which is why we are incredibly excited to announce our upcoming virtual event on the 21st of May which is packed with an incredible line up of experts passionate about the way that architecture impacts our everyday!

Antoni Rajwer from DuPont LTD will be discussing the role of architecture in our everyday lives. Houses are no longer just homes, and offices are no longer simply buildings - each design becomes almost a sculpture in which communities live and express their unique experiences. 

Michele Saee, architect and founder of Saee Studio will be sharing his experience designing from a point of view that honours our relationship with our environment over aesthetics. A practice that reflects needs, desire and the ability to improve the quality of lives while maintaining creativity and innovation.  

Winston Churchill once said: “We shape our buildings, and afterwards, our buildings shape us.”

Dana Cupkova, founding director and design principal of Epiphyte Lab, will be joining us to discuss her work focussing on the relationship between design-space and ecology and how we should look to create open systems that can exist and evolve happily, beyond our ability of control. Internationally recognised and published for her work in this field, Dana is an expert in the social dimension of architectural design. 

Dyann Stewart, Business Development Manager at Omega Windows and Doors will be exploring pressure equalization within the aluminium joinery trim cavity, and stepping through projects that went awry, and how you can ensure they are completed correctly on site. 

Finally, Glenn Murdoch, owner of award-winning architectural firm Theca Architecture in Christchurch believes one simple truth: everyone deserves to live, work, learn and play in a building that promotes their health. Glenn will be discussing his benchmarks for excellence, and how his design practises ensure architecture that is contextually sensitive, functionally excellent and aesthetically pleasing. 

Here at Teulo, we are proud to bring together architects, designers and building professionals who desire to make positive change in the world.

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Janelle Fenwick
Janelle Fenwick