In unprecedented times

That is why we are incredibly excited to announce our upcoming virtual event on the 24th of April sponsored by Renson, packed with an incredible line up of thought leaders from around the world who are embracing change daily and leading the way in innovative architecture! 

First on our list is the one and only Lauren Vasey! Lauren is a highly decorated Postdoctoral Researcher at ETH Zurich. Lauren is an expert in the world of behavioural and adaptive robotic fabrication - in particular how sensor feedback, repetitive computation, and flexible robotic behaviors enable a rethinking of linear production chains and foster increased integration and collaboration in large scale fabrication. We are thrilled to have her joining us to discuss her field of expertise!

Founder and Principal of award-winning Synthesis Design + Architecture (among many other things!), Alvin Huang, AIA will be joining us to share his exploratory approach to research and technology as a means to challenge convention and imagine alternatives through an idea-driven architecture where form follows performance. Specializing in the integrated application of material performance, emergent design technologies and digital fabrication in contemporary architectural practice, his work spans all scales ranging from hi-rise towers and mixed-use developments to temporary pavilions and bespoke furnishings.

Daniel Gudsell, Marketing Director from Abodo Wood and Ged Finch, PhD Candidate at Victoria University of Wellington in the School of Architecture, will be joining us to record the first X-FRAME Podcast LIVE! Ged has taught in many fields including Built Environmental Science, Construction, Architectural Design Communication and Critical Theory, and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Daniel and Ged will also be holding a Q+A session afterwards for all your burning questions!

And finally, to round out the day, we will be joined by the incomparable Ersela Kripa! Ersela is a registered Architect and founding partner of AGENCY Architecture, with work centering around urban and architectural ecology. Her work uses data to inform new ways of living, seeking productive but unexpected anomalies within communities and how they interact with infrastructure, and capitalizing on their potential through tactical interventions. You can usually find Ersela teaching at TTU – El Paso, in a vibrant architectural program steps from the US-Mexico border, but we’re stealing her away for an hour to speak with you!

Here at Teulo, we are proud to be bringing together architects, designers and building professionals who want to learn, grow, connect and inspire.

Check out the Teulo Talk - Morning Session

Check out the Teulo Talk - Afternoon Session

Janelle Fenwick
Janelle Fenwick