Technoform ANZ Ltd

A global family business.

We run 14 production sites worldwide and extrude plastic profiles and tubes in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific.

Technoform ANZ Ltd

But global presence doesn’t mean one-size-fits-all thinking. We understand the value of local knowledge, export our core competencies, building local expertise tailored to the needs of the market on the ground.

We reap the benefits of this mindset, sharing knowledge and development from our approaches to solutions across the globe. Here in New Zealand we are specialising in thermal break technologies.

Without insulation, aluminium windows, doors, and facades transfer heat, leading to a huge loss of energy. This is where our high-precision insulating thermal breaks come into play. Our thermal breaks separate conductive building elements such as aluminium reducing the transfer of heat whilst also keeping mechanical performance at the highest level.

To put it simply our thermal breaks keep the heat and cold outside and a comfortable climate inside as well as lower energy costs.

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